I downloaded the program but nothing happened.  Where is the program?

If you selected “Run” after clicking the download button, the program should have installed automatically and you should find “Engineering Power Tools” in your Windows Start menu.

If you selected “Save” after clicking the download button, the installation file will be in your Windows “Downloads” folder, or you may have been asked to specify a location for the downloaded file. Once the file is saved, you must manually start the installation program. Locate the downloaded file and double-click it to run. The setup process will be automatic from that point.

Regardless of which of the above methods is used, setup will add a link for the program into your Windows “Start” button menu during the installation process. Use this link to start the program.

Where do I enter my Plus Edition registration code and software key?

The unregistered version of the program will pause on the splash screen and there will be a box at the bottom with a red UNREGISTERED notice.  Click anywhere on the UNREGISTERED caption to invoke the registration dialog.

If you have installed the Plus Edition (v2.0.x) and already activated it with your Standard Edition registration code, the program will no longer stop on the initial screen with the “UNREGISTERED” notice.  To enter your Plus Edition registration code and software key, start the program and then select:

Help  >>  About…

to bring up the splash screen.  Then click anywhere inside the “Registered to:” box to display the registration dialog.  Select “Plus Edition” and enter your registration data.

I entered data into one of the forms, but it did not calculate.

On forms where there is a “Calculate” or “Solve” button, click the button to force a recalculation. On some modules, simply pressing <Enter> on the keyboard will force a recalculation. Be sure that sufficient input data has been entered to allow a solution of the problem.

I get “Error 76” or “Error 53” when trying to run some of the modules.

Error 76 is “Path Not Found” and error 53 is “File Not Found.”  These errors indicate that the program is having trouble locating one or more data files.  Typically, this means that the stored data path is incorrect. The stored path may point to the program folder from a previous version, etc.  Open the program and immediately select:

File  >>  Set Data Path

Click the “Reset to Default Data Path” button and then click the “OK” button. This action resets the stored data path to the folder containing the main Engineering Power Tools program file. Now try the same menu options which previously caused the errors. If the errors persist, contact technical support at .