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Evaluation copies of Engineering Power Tools are provided at no charge, for a 30 day evaluation period. You are encouraged to pass copies of this software along to your friends and colleagues for evaluation. If you find the program useful and wish to continue using it beyond the 30 day evaluation period, payment of a registration fee is required.


Registration of Engineering Power Tools helps to fund further development of the software and provides additional benefits:

  • Registering the Standard Edition enables printing out hard-copies of your results and the ability to save and restore data from user files.
  • Registering the Plus Edition  enables many additional modules and data tables which are not available in the Standard Edition.
  • Your User Name replaces the “UNREGISTERED” notice on start-up screen.
  • Free Technical Support via email, within the program’s existing capabilities.
  • Notification of any New Releases via email.
  • Free Registered Upgrades via direct download from the EPT web site.

License Types

Single-User License

The “Single-User License” allows one copy of the software to be used on any machine by one individual at a time.  A registration code is provided, which will activate the extended features and replace the “UNREGISTERED” notice with your user name on the start-up screen as the application is loaded.

Limited Site License

The “Limited Site License” allows up to 30 individuals to use the software simultaneously, either on individual machines, or by accessing the software over a Local Area Network. Users accessing the software over a network must be physically located at the licensed site.  A registration code is provided, along with a receipt for your files, showing that all seats have been properly registered.

License Fees

This software has been very reasonably priced so that the registration fee will not present an obstacle to continued use. Considering the number of hours that can be saved through use of the programs (versus searching through manuals and performing the calculations by hand) this software can easily pay for itself in a matter of a few days or weeks.

The licensing fees are as follows:

Standard Edition

  • Single-User License  –  $ 24.95 (U.S.)
  • Limited Site License  –  $ 99.95 (U.S.)

Plus Edition

  • Single-User License  –  $   49.95 (U.S.)
  • Limited Site License  –  $ 149.95 (U.S.)

Upgrades – Standard Edition to Plus Edition 
(You must have an existing Standard Edition license to upgrade.)

  • Single-User Upgrade  –  $ 27.95 (U.S.)
  • Site License Upgrade –  $ 59.95 (U.S.)

How to Register

You can Order Online and pay by any of the following methods:

  • Credit or Debit Cards

American Express

  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
  • Personal Check – (prepayment)


What You Will Receive

You will receive an email with your registration information at the address you provided during the ordering process.  The email will include your registration code, software key and detailed instructions for activating the extended features of the program. If for some reason you have not received your registration email within 12 hours of ordering, please contact EPT support.

Click on the UNREGISTERED box in the program start-up window and you will be prompted to enter your new registration code. Once entered, the extra features will automatically be enabled and your User Name will be displayed on start-up, in place of the “UNREGISTERED” notice.

You will receive a printable receipt for your records, indicating that the program is properly registered. For multi-user and/or networked versions, a printable copy of the Site License  EULA is available for your records.

You will receive notice via e-mail of the latest version information, along with links to the internet site where any new upgrades can be downloaded. Your registration codes will allow you to activate any minor revisions or upgrades.

The software includes a menu option to check for any revisions to the program. Free access to minor revisions is included in the registration fee. Major revisions will be offered to registered users at a reduced price. Announcement of these offers will be communicated via the same e-mail list. Your privacy will be respected. We do not release e-mail addresses or personal information to any third party.

You will be provided with an e-mail address that can be used to obtain free Technical Support. Registered users will receive prompt attention in resolving any questions relating to existing features of the program. Should you find any bugs or errors, please report them using this e-mail address:  .


Future Releases

We are always working to expand and improve the capabilities of Engineering Power Tools. Please feel free to send your suggestions for improvements and additional features. Your feedback will be given serious consideration. 

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